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Apple’s macOS has long had a reputation of being more secure than its rival Microsoft Windows, but that doesn’t mean that hackers aren’t going after macOS computers.

Among the many ways that organizations aim to secure systems today is with a zero trust approach, which is now coming in a limited way to Apple macOS users, thanks to Mosyle. With zero trust, the basic idea is that there is no implicit trust for operations or applications and everything that runs needs to be validated in some way. 

Over the last several years Mosyle has been building out a mobile device management (MDM) platform known as the Apple Unified Platform. In 2023, the company expanded its capabilities with generative AI to help improve MDM operations. The new Mosyle Automated Zero Trust solution announced today extends the company’s capabilities to help secure macOS devices and is powered by the company’s proprietary LeeryAI artificial intelligence (AI) engine.

“The concept with zero trust is really trying to flip the game in terms of endpoint security, by not just looking for bad guys, but to just work with who we know is the good guy,” Alcyr Arau...