Monitor Lizard Seen On Ledge Of Punggol HDB Block, Jumps Safely To Landing

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Monitor Lizard Seen On 3rd-Level Ledge In Punggol Block, Netizens Advise Him To Call ACRES

While Singapore is generally a concrete jungle, residents are sometimes reminded that we co-exist with other non-human living things.

These include monitor lizards, which are usually found in our nature spaces.

However, of late the reptiles have been seen in residential areas too, most recently on the ledge of an HDB block in Punggol.

Thankfully, it managed to jump safely to a lift landing.

Monitor lizard casually perched on 3rd-floor ledge

Photos of the scaly creature were shared on Facebook via the Singapore Wildlife Sightings group on Thursday (25 May).

He said it was casually perched on a ledge on the third floor of his block.

In the images, the OP’s neighbour can be seen staring at the monitor lizard from the corridor.

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