MMA Fighter Subdues Alleged Serial Attacker With Ease, Uses Phone While Keeping Him Grounded

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MMA Fighter Subdues Alleged Serial Attacker After Seeing Him Punch Construction Worker In New York

Well-choreographed action films often impress audiences with their superb fight scenes. However, professionally trained fighters can also use these skills to perform heroic deeds in real life.

Filipino-American mixed martial artist (MMA) Ro Malabanan recently demonstrated this when he helped subdue an alleged serial attacker in New York.

He was even able to use his phone while holding the suspect down as he waited for the police to arrive.

His quick response was lauded by onlookers, who saw him take down the suspect with ease.

MMA fighter subdues alleged serial attacker

In an Instagram post on 28 Jul, Mr Malabanan shared that he was heading to work the previous day when he saw a man punch a construction worker out of nowhere.

Mr Malabanan quickly went to check on the construction worker, who said he was “not okay”. A passer-by then told Mr Malabanan that the assailant was punching people as he walked down the street.

Deciding that they needed to do something about it, they ran after the attacker.

When Mr Malabanan saw the suspect, his “jiu-jitsu instincts just kicked in” and he jumped on the assailant’s back.

The suspect attempted to swing him off but Mr Malabanan used the “seatbelt position” to drag him down to the floor.

Once he managed to subdue the attacker, he immediately told onlookers to call the police. Other men also helped to hold down the suspect.

While pinning the suspect down, Mr Malabanan was able to casually scroll through his phone, looking calm but confident.

The police eventua...

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