Mizzy Corner: Super Popular Nasi Lemak Stall In Changi Village, Open Since 1997

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Mizzy Corner sells popular nasi lemak at Changi Village

Image credit: @laieatlaiplay

Changi Village Food Centre is home to several famous nasi lemak stalls, and while the question of which is the best one is debatable, there’s a strong argument for Mizzy Corner. This stall has been around since 1997, and fans have noted that the food has remained pretty consistent over the years.

Image credit: @yummicraft

The foundation of all nasi lemak is coconut rice, and this is something that Mizzy Corner does quite well. Interestingly, the stall uses basmati rice for its nasi, meaning each grain has a fluffier texture than those in your average plate of nasi lemak. Each plate is also served with the stall’s signature sambal, which is said to be sweet, yet wonderfully piquant in flavour.

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