McDonald’s Samurai Burger Is Back On The Menu

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McDonald’s Samurai Burger returns

With McDonald’s recent re-introduction of their Quarter Pounder with Cheese comes another piece of news: the Samurai Burger is back on the menu from today, 22 September 2022!

McDonald’s S’pore Teases Samurai Burger Comeback, Fans Hope Seaweed Shaker Fries Return Too

On 17 September, the fast food giant teased the return of the beloved burger in an Instagram post, which featured a poster of a samurai-looking armor with the cryptic message: “He’s coming”.

Fans of the McDonald’s Samurai Burger series will know exactly what to expect with this burger: a beef or chicken patty coated in a sweet-sticky teriyaki sauce, finished with crisp lettuce and creamy mayo. The components are held together by fluffy sesame buns. Single and double patty options are available.

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