McDonald’s Has New Hawaiian Chicken Burger, Potato Pops And Brownie McFlurry

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McDonald’s new chicken burger and more

The World Cup looms, and if you’re going to be streaming matches at home, chances are you’ll be looking for good food to accompany your soccer match viewings. McDonald’s has stepped in with a new World Cup-exclusive dishes, comprising two burgers and Potato Pops, as well as a Brownie McFlurry.

If you’re team pineapple on pizza, you’ll love the Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger (from $9.90 for a meal), which comes with a tender, grilled chicken patty, spicy mayo, a slice of chicken ham, and a juicy slice of grilled pineapple.

Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

All these are sandwiched between fluffy sesame buns.

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