McDonald’s Has New Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika And Watermelon Cone, Crisscut Fries Return Too

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McDonald’s launches new Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika and more

Just as we are about to wrap up the first quarter of the year, McDonald’s is back to ease us into Q2 with a brand new flavour of their ever-popular fried chicken. Joining the menu for what’s meant to be a limited time only is Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika, and to beat the sunny days, a new Calamansi McFizz and Watermelon Twist Cone!

Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

This, together with the other new additions, will be available from 30 March 2023 islandwide after 11am on weekdays, and after 12pm on weekends for dine-in, takeaway, Drive-Thrus, McDelivery, Grabfood, and Foodpanda.

Singaporeans went crazy when McDonald’s brought back the McCrispy, and thank heavens they’ve kept it on the menu ever since. We last saw these flash-fried, steam-marinated fritters done up in Salt And Pepper, so the new Sweet Paprika iteration is something quite different. The Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika is said to be made with a McDonald’s-special blend of paprika, garlic, red bell pepper, and black pepper, and will feature a touch of heat.

It’s available from $6.80 a la carte, or from $8.85 for an Extra Value Meal, as a 2-piece set or 6-piece sharing bucket.

That’s not all the good news: McDonald’s is also bringing back their Crisscut Fries, which you can get a la carte from $4.40 for a medium, or with your Extra Value Meals when you top up $1.

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