‘May the force be with you’: Star Wars actor Mark Hamill lends Jedi voice to Ukraine

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Chaos strike when air raid sirens start howling in war-torn Ukraine, but some Ukrainian Star Wars fans are finding comfort and strength in a familiar voice.

“Attention. Air raid alert,” says Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the popular sci-fi film series. “Proceed to the nearest shelter”.

After dangers from the skies pass, Hamill announces that the “air alert” is over” and signs off with “May the force be with you.”

The actor has lent his voice to Air Alert, a mobile phone app linked to Ukraine’s air defence system, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

The app warns Ukrainians that Russian missiles, bombs and deadly exploding drones may be incoming when the raid sirens start howling, said the report.

“Don’t be careless,” Hamill warns. “Your overconfidence is your weakness.”

Hamil told the news agency that he has admired from California how Ukraine has “shown such resilience... under such terrible circumstances”.

Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion, now in its second year, reminds him of the Star Wars saga with fearless rebels battling and eventually defeating the Galactic Empire.

By voicing over the English-language version of the app and giving it his Skywalker touch was Hamill’s way of supporting Ukraine.

“A fairy tale about good versus evil is resonant with what’s going on in Ukraine,” he said in the interview with AP.

“The Ukrainian people rallying to the cause and responding so heroically ... It’s impossible not to be inspired by how they’ve weathered this storm.”

Hamill is

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