Maxwell Teochew Porridge Stall Closes After Over 40 Years Due To Ah Mah’s Health Condition

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40-Year-Old Maxwell Teochew Porridge Stall Closes Permanently, Ah Mah’s Health Issue Is Main Reason

Few stalls in Singapore are as iconic or long-running as Teochew Rice & Porridge at Maxwell Market.

Source: Teochew Rice & Porridge on Facebook

In sad news, however, the stall will be closing for good after 40 years as its beloved Ah Mah retires.

The stall previously closed temporarily in November over Ah Mah’s health condition, but it looks like it will be shuttering for good this time.

Foodies from Singapore and abroad lamented the closure but shared their happy memories of eating from the stall.

They also wished Ah Mah a happy retirement and good health.

Teochew Rice & Porridge stall closes over Ah Mah’s health conditions

Maxwell Market’s Teochew Rice & Porridge is a long-running stall and is so iconic that it even has its own website — a rarity for hawker stalls.

The stall’s owner, affectionately known as Ah Mah...

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