Masked Woman Confronts S’porean Streamer & Kicks Food Away, Police Arrive To Handle Situation

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Masked Woman Kicks Local Streamer’s Food Away At Buona Vista

Streamers are always on the hunt for new content, even if it comes in the form of bizarre encounters.

A local Twitch streamer got a huge dose of that on Tuesday (28 Jun) when he encountered a masked woman while livestreaming with his wife in Buona Vista.

The couple was sitting outside Star Vista, about to dig into their dinner after a hard day’s work, when a woman confronted them about their camera.

An amicable exchange soon turned violent when she threatened to “kick your (the streamer’s) ass” after he replied to her questions.

She then walked over to the couple and kicked their bags of food across the floor.

In retaliation, the couple hit back and called the police. What came next was a bizarre set of actions, with the masked lady taking centre stage in the ongoing livestream.

Thankfully, the police arrived to handle the situation, allowing the couple to leave after statements were recorded.

Masked woman went “Karen” on local streamer

On Tuesday (28 Jun), local Twitch streamer Clarence “3wh33ler” Kang was live and in the midst of a long recording.

About 12 hours into his stream, Mr Kang and his wife were settling down outside Buona Vista MRT after having their dinner.

Sitting on the floor of the sheltered walkway and with some takeaway snacks sitting in some bags near them, the pair talked to one another while gleefully interacting with viewers online.

Their combined laughter seemed to irk a masked woman who was walking past them, in the direction of the MRT station.

Turning back, the masked woman walked over to the couple and confronted them about their live streaming camera.

She reprimanded the couple by saying, “Actually, you’re not supposed to be doing this here”.

Pointing to the camera, she instructed the streamer to switch it off before she called the police.

In his defence, Mr Kang explained that he was merely chatting with his friends and told her that she could call the police if she wanted.

Masked woman kicks snacks after verbal exchange

After this exchange, the woman turned back around and walked off. Mr Kang then proceeded to say, “Go ahead ma’am. Thank you. Have a nice day”.

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