MAS, SGX Group Introduce ESGenome Disclosure Portal to Streamline Sustainability Reporting

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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Singapore Exchange (SGX Group) have jointly launched ESGenome, a digital disclosure portal for companies “to report Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data in a structured and efficient manner, and for investors to access such data in a consistent and comparable format.”

ESGenome is a joint initiative by the MAS and SGX Group under Project Greenprint, “to develop a common disclosure utility that will facilitate sustainability reporting for SGX-listed companies.”

With corporate sustainability disclosures representing one of the largest sources of ESG data globally, there is great scope “to harness technology to enhance such disclosures and comparability of data to support the financing decisions needed for a credible transition.”

Currently the proliferation of multiple sustainability reporting frameworks and guidelines across jurisdictions, and the inconsistent manner in which data is being collected, verified and reported “have created significant disclosure challenges and resulted in poor ESG data comparability.”

ESGenome is “a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution operated by World Wide Generation (WWG).” It helps SGX-listed companies “simplify the disclosure process using a core set of metrics that is mapped across global standards and frameworks.”

Companies can “carry out their baseline sustainability reporting based on a set of 27 SGX core ESG metrics.”

Companies can “make additional disclosures in line with globally recognised ESG reporting standards and frameworks across more than 3,000 ESG metrics, depending on materiality and their business needs.”

Companies need only “provide a one-time input for each ESG metric – these inputs can be automatically mapped across their selected standards and frameworks to cater to different investor requirements.”

A sustainability report “can be automatically generated from the inputs.”

For investors and financial institutions, ESGenome provides access “to relevant and comparable ESG data that allows for meaningful peer benchmarking and tracking of sustainability commitments.” This enables capital “to be mobilized more efficiently toward sustainable companies and projects.”

MAS will also “draw on the learnings from ESGenome to ad...

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