Man who got top-dollar jobs with fake university degrees gets busted when construction firm checks with NTU

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SINGAPORE: A man who has been forging degree certificates since 2009 to get well-paying jobs was foiled in 2020, when a construction firm checked with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) about his qualifications.

Yeoh Keng Swee, 55, was sentenced to 15 months' jail on Thursday (Nov 24). He pleaded guilty to three counts of forgery for the purpose of cheating, with another 10 charges taken into consideration.

Yeoh forged various degree certificates from universities like NTU and the National University of Singapore (NUS) for subjects like engineering and law, in order to apply for jobs ranging from managerial positions to chief finance officer.

He would search for PDF copies of the documents he wanted and print them out as templates. He would then print out his name and other details onto another piece of paper.

He would cut out the details he needed and paste them over the template, before photocopying it to create the forged documents.

According to charge sheets, his crimes go back to as early as 2009, when he forged a Bachelor of Accountancy degree certificate purportedly issued by NTU.

He submitted it to a company for the role of audit manager. Court documents did not state whether he got the job.

Details were included in court documents only for three jobs in recent years, the first being in July 2019.


Yeoh forged several documents including a Bachelor of Accountancy degree with honours certificate purportedly from NTU and a Master of Science in Business Administration degree certificate purportedly from Andrews University.

He also forged a certificate stating that he was a certified practising accountant.

He emailed the forged documents to Boon Chang Structure as part of his job application for the position of chief financial officer.

He was hired for the job, starting work in September 2019, but his work performance was poor and drew numerous complaints.

He resigned in December 2019, claiming that his eyesight was failing and that he wanted to rest. He was paid a total of S$14,324.75 for his time at the company.

In January 2020, Yeoh went for an interview at Gain City Best-Electric for the position of finance director. He submitted several forged documents similar to those he had submitted for the 2019 job.

Gain City was tricked into believing that Yeoh had the necessary qualifications to be employed as finance director, and hi...

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