Man Wearing Only Underwear Reportedly Spotted In Hillview Drain, Police Carry Out 5-Hour Search

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Man Wearing Only Underwear Reportedly Spotted In Hillview Drain On 25 May

Police officers spent five hours searching around the vicinity of Hume Avenue in Hillview on Thursday (25 May) morning after a man wearing just his underwear was spotted in a drain.

Waste management workers were later seen removing furniture and several luggage bags from the drain.

The man was reportedly still not found when police officers left the scene in the afternoon.

Man wearing just underwear reportedly spotted using phone in Hillview drain

According to TODAY, police officers carried out a five-hour search in Hillview after a man was spotted in a drain along Hume Avenue.

50-year-old Victor Ilano was reportedly out for a walk at about 6.30am on Thursday (25 May) when he noticed “a light shining from a hole in the drainage cover”.

He soon realised there was a man inside the drain and that the light seemingly came from his phone. At the time, the man appeared to be shining his phone at a luggage bag.

Initially, Mr Ilano was hesitant to call the police, thinking the suspicious individual could’ve been a worker carrying out repair works.

However, he soon noticed that the man was wearing nothing but his underwear.

After consulting a jogger, Mr Ilano eventually called the police at about 6.39am.

Police officers arrived at the scene at about 6.50am and instructed passers-by to stay away from the location.

Man apparently not found after 5-hour search

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