Man wants to know if he is being unreasonable for wanting some kind of renumeration after doing two wedding videos

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Most netizens felt that if he was expecting to be paid he should have brought it up before agreeing to do the videos

SINGAPORE: A netizen who makes videos of a living posed an AITA (am-I-the-a**hole) question on r/askSingapore on Wednesday night (May 24), wondering how to approach his friends whose wedding videos he worked on for a considerable amount of time.

“Friend asked me to help do wedding video, made 2 in the end to be played during actual day banquet. Agreed in the beginning but there was no mention of fee… now the videos are done and the wedding is in a few days.

Couple love the video. On good terms with the couple also. but wondering how to approach the convo about a fee or at least a token of appreciation for my services. At least 10 days of work from pre to post-production.

What did I get myself into… never again…,” wrote u/pastacanbecolourful.

He asked if he should “cheekily say ‘I’m expecting a big ang pao!,’ not say anything and hope they give him some kind of payment, or not “even expect anything and suck it up.”

One commenter said he should either send a bill or not give any Ang Bao as a wedding gift, as “the video is your blessing to the couple.”

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