Man Runs Bedok Western Stall By Himself With 5 Hours Of Sleep, Comments Rally To Support

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Man Operates Western Stall In Bedok On His Own, Only Goes To Sleep At 4am

Running an entire food stall on your own is backbreaking work, especially when there are no other employees around to help.

As if the long hours aren’t enough, food preparation and cooking are also not easy jobs to handle for one person on a daily basis, especially during peak hours.

One man in Bedok, however, seems to manage it pretty well, putting so much effort into it that he has earned the support of netizens.

33-year-old Andy Wee reportedly gets just five hours of sleep daily to have enough time to run Meaty Western Cuisine in Bedok.

Operating it from 2pm to 2am every day save for Tuesdays, his eatery offers Western hawker delicacies such as grilled chicken chop and steak.

Man operates Western stall in Bedok entirely on his own

BestFoody Singapore took to Facebook to share about the stall, located in Block 539 at Bedok North Street 3.

In 2017, Wee had set up the stall for his wife from China, hoping to provide a better income so she could apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

However, things did not ultimately end well and the couple had a divorce.

Despite his personal heartbreak, Wee has continued to diligently run his stall.

For the past six years, he has been sleeping at 4am daily for five hours, operating the stall by himself from 2pm in the afternoon to 2am the day after.

“No hobbies or outing, he quietly runs his humble western food stall and focuses on improving his food quality,” BestFoody Singapore said. “He is also currently the sole breadwinner for his family.”

His stall’s menu is pretty affordable as well, with grilled chicken chop at S$7.50 an...

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