Man does sketches of strangers on MRT & surprises them with finished art

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Commuters on the MRT train are often busy staring at their phones. Some may even be deeply absorbed in their thoughts.

Or end up fast asleep.

One man, however, is making art with a pencil and sketchbook while on the go.

Jeff Lai, an artist in Singapore, has been sketching realistic portraits of strangers on the train and surprising them with the finished end product.

His videos have ben well-received online.

He films himself sketching and uploads the videos onto his TikTok page, @jeffandpencil.

Sketching strangers in the MRT

His most popular video has over 167,900 views as of Thursday (Jun. 23) afternoon.

@jeffandpencilAh, I can’t take video♬ Title - Meghan Trainor

In the video, which was posted on Jun. 17, Lai sketched a portrait of a woman sitting opposite him in the MRT carriage.

She was wearing a face mask and was engrossed with her phone, an image Lai captured with fidelity in his own sketch.

Once he finished his sketch, Lai then approached the lady, saying: "Excuse me, I drew this for you."

The woman, who was visibly surprised by Lai's drawing, thanked him and subsequently asked if he had an Instagram account for her to follow.

Here are other videos of Lai sketching strangers on the MRT, all of which have garnered at least 40,000 views at the time of this article.

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