Man Allegedly Grabs Woman’s Thigh During S’pore Grand Prix, Gets Arrested For Outrage Of Modesty

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Woman Says Man Allegedly Grabbed Her Thigh During S’pore Grand Prix, 36-Year-Old Arrested

This year’s Singapore Grand Prix (GP) attracted more than 264,000 people, who came for the fast cars and entertainment offerings.

However, four of those visitors had a negative experience when one of them had her thigh allegedly grabbed by a man during the event.

The man has been arrested for alleged outrage of modesty.

Group was walking in area that wasn’t crowded

In a TikTok video on Sunday (17 Sep), Ms Karen Beh said the unsavoury incident happened the night before.

She attended the event with her boyfriend Tyrus, her sister Kaci and her sister’s boyfriend Bryan.

They had just watched the qualifying rounds and were on their way to the Padang to catch Post Malone’s performance, she said.

At about 10.30pm, the group was walking in an area that wasn’t crowded, she added, with “plenty of space” around them.

Man allegedly grabs woman’s thigh

While Ms Beh was walking behind her boyfriend, a man who was walking in the opposite direction allegedly grabbed her right thigh with his right arm.

This was an intentional act, she said, with the man allegedly extending his arm to do it.

Ms Beh’s sister and her boyfriend Bryan were walking behind and saw what had happened, she added.

They “verbally confronted” the man, who denied doing anything.

Another man allegedly assaults sister & boyfriend

At this point, another man in a red shirt, whom Ms Beh identified as a friend of the first man, came over.

He allegedly shoved Kaci and Bryan, who then fell to the floor.

When Tyrus tried to assist them, the second man then allegedly punched Bryan on the head.

The two then started brawling, Ms Beh said.

The altercation resulted in Bryan suffering swelling on his face, according to her.

Police arrive & talk to them

Eventually, the police arrived.

The video showed a few officers talking to the man (in floral shirt) who allegedly touched Ms Beh’s thigh.

One officer was also seen talking to the second man and his wife in the background. The wife turned away when she saw that they were being filmed.

To add insult to injur...

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