Mama’s Curry – Young Hawker Cooks Thick and Rich Curry Fish Head in Golden Mile Food Centre

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Posted on March 10th, 2023

If there is a dish I cannot resist even when I am full, that is curry. Young hawker Lin Wishing has just started his own curry stall in Golden Mile Food Centre. He learnt the recipe from his mother who has opened a franchise outlet of Na Na Curry in Bedok.

The offerings at Mama’s Curry include Curry Fish Head ($20/$26/$30), Curry Chicken ($5.50/$7.50), Curry Mutton ($6.50), and Curry Vegetable ($4.50).

The curries arrived looking potent, sporting a fiery orange-red hue. I particularly loved the curry chicken. It was creamy with a nice kick of heat, and the meat was almost fork tender after long hours of cooking.  This is one dish I finished in no time, even the chunky potatoes were soft with every bite.

The m...

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