Mam Mam Review: Hidden Gem Restaurant Near NUS Has 100-Hour Duck Confit And More

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Mam Mam has rice bowls and duck confit at NUHS

I’ve always had a misconception that the food options around hospitals are often plain and bland. That was until I learnt about Mam Mam, a casual cafe in National University Health System (NUHS) that serves up affordable, hearty mains for healthcare professionals and those working in the area.

Mam Mam was conceptualised by renowned local chef Sebastian Ng, who owns VENUE By Sebastian in Downtown Gallery. His recipes are inspired by his food adventures around Asia, as well as his culinary experience at the three-Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordan Ramsay in London. Mam Mam’s goal is simpleto provide quality, wallet-friendly meals for lunch breaks. 

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Food at Mam Mam

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