Malaysian man and mother, separated from his birth, reunite after 48 years

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Separated for 48 years since birth, a man in Malaysia sought out his mother whom he had never met to share an emotional moment together.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed more than 700,000 times, Mr Ahmad Suffian made a southward journey of more than 200km from Seri Kembangan, Selangor, to Machap in Johor, where he dropped in on his unsuspecting birth mother at her residence.

During a short exchange captured in the video, the woman did not recognise Mr Suffian, who extended the traditional salam greeting.

Mr Suffian then rewound the years, asking if she remembered his father, Mohd Shafie, but she only recognised him by his alias Piyee.

She revealed that she had a son with Mr Piyee, but their child was separated from her at birth 48 years ago and sent to Perak, still none the wiser that her son was the man she was sharing a couch with.

She realised it when Mr Suffian took out his identity card, pointing at the photo and himself, and then she began to cry.

One TikTok user left a comment on the video posted by Mr Suffian’s wife, saying: “Oh, this is the uncle that I lost.”

His wife, Ms Eyda Badri, responded that it was the “story” of her husband’s family and that they could “open a new book” without blaming anyone.

The reconciliation of mother and son saw thousands of other comments from netizens warmed by the meeting, even leading some to ask for prayers and help to find their own loved ones whom they had been separated from.

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