Malaysian man, 20, arrested after allegedly slashing open pregnant lover’s belly, burning her twice

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After a disagreement with his lover who did not want to cover up her pregnancy, a Malaysian man is suspected to have stabbed her to death before twice setting her on fire to cover his tracks, local police said.

The incident was brought to light after the discovery of a partially burnt body in a palm oil plantation in Sungai Besar, Selangor was reported to the police on Tuesday morning.

Images of a charred woman’s body lying on a burnt patch of grass were circulated online.

The police on Tuesday arrested a man, 20, who had just completed his studies at a local college, and was allegedly having an affair with the 21-year-old woman, who was a waitress at a local restaurant.

Preliminary investigations revealed the suspect had driven the pregnant woman to the plantation on Monday where they got into an argument in his car, a Selangor district police chief Agus Salim said on Wednesday, Bernama reported.

The pair had known each other for about a year and the victim was around four months’ pregnant, Mr Agus said, showing reporters a photo of an ultrasound scan taken just five days before the murder.

The alleged offender is believed to have lost his temper after she refused to keep her pregnancy – believed to be a result of their illicit sexual relationship – a secret, Mr Agus said.

After a struggle, the man beat the victim until she passed out at around 10pm, the police said. But he did not stop at that.

He then slashed his lover’s abdomen with a kitchen knife, disembowelled her before setting her on fire using petrol to destroy evidence, the police said.

He returned to the crime scene in a motorcycle around 7am the next day in another attempt to burn the body. Witnesses told local media that the body was still burning when it was discovered by a member of the public.

The man also discarded his weapon and ot...

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