Maid says her employer going away for 2-week holiday didn’t pay her salary, give her food allowance and money for medical checkup

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A maid took to social media complaining that her employer was going on holiday for two weeks but did not pay her salary or give her any money for food.

In a post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the maid wrote that she was unsure about her situation and also how to ask her employers for money.

She added that in preparation for the two-week trip, her employer started telling her what she needed to do a week ago, and even “put camera to make sure I’m working while they’re away”. Though she thought the family would leave three days after she wrote the post, she noted that her female employer and two children had already left. Only her employer’s husband was still at home.

The maid said in her post that she had a letter from the Manpower Ministry (MOM) for her medical checkup but her employers did not give her any money. “who suppose to pay my medical, me or my employer?” the helper wrote.

She also said that they did not pay her salary. “i suppose to ask her today to have it advanced because they’re gone for 2weeks,but when she wake up just send the kid to school and when she come back she was in a hurry cause they need to go already”, the maid wrote.

Additionally, her employers did not give her any money for food and only bought rice. The helper wrote t...

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