MacPherson Muslim Stall Offers Free Tea & Coffee Every CNY When Others Are Closed

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Muslim Stall In MacPherson Gives Free Tea & Coffee Every CNY

Getting our caffeine fix at local coffee shops during Chinese New Year (CNY) can be challenging as many stalls would be closed for the festivities.

Fortunately, for those in MacPherson, there’s an option readily available for you.

Makanan Singapura at Circuit Road Market and Food Centre offers patrons free tea and coffee.

MacPherson stall offers free tea & coffee for CNY

Posting to Facebook on Monday (23 Jan), a netizen shared that all Chinese stalls, including drink stall operators, in Circuit Road Market and Food Centre were closed for CNY.

Makanan Singapura, a stall at the centre, has gone down the altruistic route instead of using the opportunity to make a quick buck.

They now offer customers complimentary coffee or tea, even if they aren’t patronising their stall.

“This is true kampung spirit in this old neighbourhood,” the OP marvelled. “The stall deserves our overwhelming praise.”

He additionally noted that such an offer was an annual tradition for the stall every CNY.

Not his first time visiting the stall

However, this isn’t the OP’s first encounter with the stall’s generous actions during CNY.

In February 2021, he said he received free coffee from the same stall at Circuit Road Market and Food Centre.

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