M1 and Fullerton Health deploy 5G telemedicine for Singapore’s maritime sector

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Manjot Singh Mann (M1)

Credit: M1

M1 has partnered with Fullerton Health to introduce 5G-enabled telemedicine services for Singapore’s maritime industry.

Under the banner of SMARTsafe, live teleconsultations with shore-based healthcare professionals and 5G-enabled drones to deliver medicine to ship crews from the shore will be provided to seafarers. 

The telemedicine service will be officially launched in July 2023 and made available for all seafarers or employees from shipping companies in Singapore – both on land and in the anchorage – as long as they are connected to M1’s 5G network.

“Undoubtedly, the partnership with M1 greatly improves the usability and accessibility of Fullerton Health’s services,” said Ho Kuen Loon, group CEO of Fullerton Health.

“We want to harness the 5G network to provide virtual healthcare solutions, including telehealth and remote patient monitoring and care team collaboration as the health and safety of port workers and sailors are critical to global trade and supply chains, and we are grateful to be able to contribute toward this. 

“The future of healthcare digitalisation is exciting, especially with the innovations that will come from 5G mobility.” 

The newly launched solution marks the next phase of M1’s ambitions to deliver 5G standalone (SA) offshore coverage for the southern coast of Singapore, as part of its Maritime 5G testbed efforts which was initiated in August 2022. 

The telemedicine offering is in addition to a 5G-powered maritime security solution, dubbed SMARTsecure, for vessels out at sea to set up real-time video surveillance...

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