M’sian Man Working In S’pore Has House Set On Fire After Clicking On Loan Application Link

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Loansharks Set Fire To House Of Malaysian Man Who Works In Singapore

Loansharks have been known to resort to drastic and often destructive measures in order to ‘punish’ their clients.

A 29-year-old Malaysian man who works in Singapore learnt this first-hand after he clicked on an online loan application link.

Although he never completed the application, loansharks allegedly targeted him and his family for harassment. Their house was even set on fire.

Source: Oriental Daily News Malaysia on Facebook

After attempts to stop the harassment failed, the man’s wife held a press conference to tell her story.

She said she has quit her job as she fears for her and her children’s safety.

Husband clicks on online loan link but cancels application, loansharks contact him

Oriental Daily News reported that the harassment began after the woman’s husband clicked on a link to apply for a loan out of curiosity. This was back in May.

According to Ms Zhang (transliterated from Chinese), who’s from Pahang, the baker intended to borrow S$10,000, but after reading the terms and conditions, he found them suspicious and cancelled the application.

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