M’sian Lamborghini Owner Sees Child Posing For Photos With Luxury Car, Lets Him Sit Inside

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Malaysian Lamborghini Owner Lets Child Into Car For Photos

When it comes to luxury car owners, there might be an unflattering stereotype that they are arrogant and selfish.

However, this Malaysian Lamborghini owner proved that this isn’t always the case when he saw a young child posing for pictures beside his car.

Source: @lambobossvincentpoh_cdj on TikTok

Seeing how excited the family looked, the owner approached them and invited the child inside the vehicle for an unforgettable experience.

The owner’s kind behaviour drew the praises of netizens, who commended him for “sharing” his wealth with the young kid.

Lamborghini owner lets kid sit inside luxury car for photos

A video of this happy meeting was first shared on

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