M’sia Woman Finds 3 Cockroaches In Soy Sauce Bottle After Pouring Condiment On Her Food

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3 Cockroaches Found Soaking In Soy Sauce Bottle, Woman Had Poured Sauce On Rice & Taken A Few Bites

Many Asians like to jazz up their food with various condiments, including soy sauce.

However, a Malaysian woman’s stomach-churning experience might cause some to check before adding any soy sauce to their food.

She found not one or two, but three cockroaches inside her bottle of soy sauce.

This was unfortunately after she’d already poured the soy sauce onto her rice and taken a few bites.

Cockroaches seen nestled in neck of soy sauce bottle

In a viral TikTok video posted on Wednesday (20 Sep), user Laylaazli “showed off” her soy sauce bottle, which was from her home.

Three large cockroaches can be seen nestled in the neck of the bottle, motionless and soaked in sauce.

The video has since racked up more than 1.6 million views and 41,400 likes.

Cockroaches found in soy sauce before its poured out a 2nd time

In the caption, Laylaazli wrote in Malay that the soy sauce bottle was close to empty when she poured it out onto her rice.

When she was about to pour the soy sauce a second time, however, she saw the cockroaches.

By this time, she had already taken a few bites of her rice, she said, panning to show her food mixed with soy sauce and curry.

While she didn’t taste anything strange, s...

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