M'sia food delivery riders angry about low RM5 (S$1.55) earnings go on 24-hour strike on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022

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Food delivery riders in Malaysia, mostly those utilising Grab and foodpanda apps to make a living, are on a 24-hour strike on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022.

Dubbed "Food Delivery Blackout", the nation-wide collective action by the gig economy workers is to protest low delivery fees, as well as to call for better social security and protections.

RM5 per order earnings

Currently, food delivery riders are reportedly paid a flat rate of RM5 (S$1.55) per delivery and may earn incentives depending on the time and distance of the order placed.

As recent as July 2022, it was revealed publicly that individual job earnings have been slightly higher than RM5 per delivery, with bonuses that range from 30sen to a few ringgit per job.

However, riders are said to be compensated unfairly overall for deliveries that may take a longer time to complete.

Due to circumstances, such as jams or slow merchants, order delivery time might be prolonged, but riders will still be paid a flat fee, and can suffer from negative reviews and poor ratings, which could affect future jobs allocated to them.

As a result of these factors, which riders feel are causing them to bear the responsibility of reduced takings in the face of growing inflation, more deliveries per day need to be completed just to meet income targets.

A food delivery rider in Malaysia can earn between RM50 (S$15.49) to RM100 (S$30.98) per day, depending on the hours worked.

Malaysia food delivery riders have to pay out of pocket to contribute to their social security fund.

Better model proposed

These issues were hashed out by Abdul Hakim Abdul Rani, the vice-president of Malaysian P-Hailing Riders’ Association (Persatuan Penghantar P-Hailing Malaysia), who also clarified that the non-governmental organisation did not initiate the stri...

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