M’sia 7-Eleven Staff Uses Mop To Clean Microwave & Gets Flak, Retail Chain Apologises

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7-Eleven Says Action Taken Against Employee Who Used Mop To Clean Microwave

Most people use communal equipment, such as microwaves, to heat up food, with complete trust in their sanitary standards.

However, one Twitter user in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was appalled to see a 7-Eleven staff clean a communal microwave using a floor mop.

7-Eleven has been alerted to the incident, and they’ve apologised for the severe lapse in hygiene standards.

7-Eleven called out for poor sanitary standards of staff

The tweet, posted on 22 Jan, featured a series of photos depicting a 7-Eleven staff holding a mop in one hand and fiddling with the microwave in the other. Everything looked normal.

However, the staff then picked up the mop and used it to clean the microwave.

The caption, tagging 7-Eleven Malaysia’s official Twitter account, urged the company to “brief (their) staff to clean up the right way.”

This bizarre act attracted criticism from other Twitter users, who expressed incredulity at the employee’s actions.

According to a reply by another Twitter user claiming to be an ex-staff, cloths are available for cleaning microwaves. Hence, the staff’s actions were presumably done for convenience.

7-Eleven apologises, says action taken against staff

In response to the tweet, 7-Eleven Malaysia acknowledged that the staff’s action violates the company’s sanitation protocols.

The tweet also assured the public that they had taken immediate action against the staff.

7-Eleven Malaysia also released an official stateme...

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