LOTTE Turns Popular PEPERO Snack Into Ice Cream Bars, Available At FairPrice

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Think of chocolate-covered biscuit sticks, and LOTTE PEPERO inevitably springs to mind. Most, if not all, of our childhoods will have involved these South Korean biscuit sticks at some point or another, so it’s safe to say that their latest spin-off as the PEPERO Ice Bar is surely a cause for celebration.

If you didn’t know, the PEPERO snack is older than most of us━LOTTE has been making these chocolate-dipped biscuit sticks since 1983! Today, there are more than 30 variations, including ones coated in strawberry, green tea, cheddar cheese and more.

Others still come with chocolate speckled with crushed chocolate cookies, almonds, and even peanuts━bringing us to the two PEPERO ice cream bars that have just launched here.

Chocolate, vanilla, and nuts are a match made in heaven: the PEPERO Ice Bar is that exact trinity in your choice of Almond, or Peanut.

It isn’t PEPERO if it didn’t feature that recognisable chocolate shell━if you’ve ever felt t...

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