Lorry Carrying Crane Swerves Dangerously At Jurong West Traffic Junction, Almost Scrapes Against Grab Rider

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Lorry Carrying Crane Almost Hits Grab Rider After Swerving at Corporation Road

Vehicles, especially heavy ones, have a height limit to adhere to on the road. This is to ensure that they do not come into dangerous contact with buildings or structures, putting the lives of others at risk.

This was highlighted when a lorry carrying a crane almost hit a Grab delivery rider on a motorcycle in Jurong West.

A video of the incident was posted to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook Group on Saturday (18 Mar).

The post said that the incident happened along Corporation Road at 5pm that day.

Lorry carrying crane allegedly hit overhead MRT tracks, nearly scrapes Grab rider in the process

In the video, a loud bang could be heard before the lorry carrying a crane swerves into the frame. It can be deduced that the crane had hit the overhead MRT train tracks at the traffic junction.

A Grab rider on a motorcycle quickly jumps to the side to avoid the heavy vehicle.

However, the lorry carrying the crane did not seem to have stopped in the video. It continues driving off as dust from the crane is whipped into the air by the impact.

Netizens comment on how lucky rider was after incident with lorry & crane

Facebook users who came across the video commented on how lucky the rider was, narrowly avoiding a serious accident.

Others praised the Grab rider for his fast reflexes when he jumped up upon hearing the bang.

One user even wondered why the lorry driver did not consider height limits when planning their route.

However, some think the crane was not sufficiently retracted, t...

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