London Food Guide: 11 Must-Eat Places That Aren’t Your Usual Tourist Spots

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London food guide

Now that global travel is back on track, it’s time to check some destinations off your bucket list. If you’ve never been to London, now’s as good a time as any. There are plenty of food guides out on the web that’ll point you to the same couple of places, read: Padella, Dishoom, Sketch and more. But if you’re thinking of venturing off the beaten path, here are 11 must-eat food places in London that prove the UK’s not all about fish and chips, and pie.

1. Hoppers

Fast casual Indian diner Dishoom is on every London guide, and for good reason. They’re open breakfast to dinner, and have a super extensive menu to boot. But make a reservation instead at Hoppers for Sri Lankan and South Indian fare,  and definitely order a Hopper (£5.50, ~S$9.30), AKA appam, which might just be the crispiest, lightest version of the pancake you’ll ever have tried.

Pair your appam with their selection of Kari: the Black Pork Kari (£11, ~S$18.60) comes in what looks like a small bowl, but is full of fork-tender meat chunks draped in aromatic curry. There’s also Bone Marrow Varuval + Roti (£13.50, ~S$22.90), and Lamb Kothu Roti (£15, ~S$25.40), the latter of which is like a lamb char kway teow, but with shredded prata instead of noodles. 

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