Local celebrity Michelle Chong made police report over fake keto ad

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SINGAPORE - TV personality Michelle Chong made a police report after many were duped into paying for a weight loss product when they came across fake advertisements on social media, featuring her as the ambassador for Let’s Keto.

The actress and filmmaker said she had received hundreds of messages and e-mails from people who wanted to buy the dubious brand’s keto gummies, which was marketed as a nutritional supplement that promotes fat loss on the Let’s Keto’s Facebook page.

The 45-year-old had warned her followers in multiple posts that she did not endorse the product. “They are a scam,” Chong wrote in a Facebook post in all caps on Jan 31.

“They photoshopped my pics and if you order, you will get nothing because there is no real product. Your money will be gone,” Chong said.

The former star of popular comedy series The Noose added that she had flagged the fake advertisements many times to Facebook and Instagram, but the scammers would continue to post them with new accounts.

“I’ve also made a police report because many people have been scammed,” she added.

In an earlier post on Feb 23, she also took a jibe at Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, saying: “After the billions spent on their AI (Artificial Intelligence), they can’t even spot a simple scam.”

She also urged her followers to help her report the fake advertisements should they appear on their feeds.

But despite her repeated warnings, Chong continued to receive queries from unsuspected users, prompting her to say “I give up” on Facebook on Saturday.

The Straits Times has contacted Chong and the police for comment.

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