Lil Nas X Is the Anti-Troll

1 year ago 88

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When it comes to trolling, Lil Nas X remains unparalleled. He is, quite frankly, the future of the form. The rapper—who, ICYMI, was just named the president of League of Legends—spent much of his early online life as a Barb (a Nicki Minaj fan), and it shows. But where Minaj fans will threaten to hunt down your family, Lil Nas X will hear your criticisms and either ignore you, shut you down, or send you pizza.

Literally. Unlike, say, Kiwi Farms users who will send someone pizzas as a way of saying “I know where you live,” earlier this week Lil Nas X sent members of his team to deliver a stack of piping hot pies to protestors at his Boston show. The complainers, seemingly Christian proselytizers upset that Lil Nas X is queer and/or likes to give lap dances to Satan, declined the slices. But, as the rapper pointed out, the entire scene served as “

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