Landed property resident in S’pore gets entrance blocked by van, claims police ‘cannot do anything about it’

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Van blocks Singapore landed property entrance in the middle of the night

Many HDB residents in Singapore would love to stay in a landed property if given the choice and means.  But life as a landed estate resident isn’t all rosy either.

Thomas, a real estate agent in Singapore, recently took to TikTok to share how the entrance to his landed property was obstructed by a van that had parked outside his house.

Source: @thomastongrealestate on TikTok

Noting that such incidents happen “quite often”, the realtor cautioned prospective private property buyers that the police “cannot do anything” if a vehicle obstructs traffic outside their houses.

Van parked along pavement blocks landed property entrance

Earlier this month, Thomas took to TikTok to share about the incident which happened at about 1am last Saturday (8 June).

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