L’Arte Pizza & Focaccia: Italian Cafe Has “The World’s Best Sandwiches” At Tanjong Pagar

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New focaccia sandwiches at L’Arte Pizza & Focaccia

Don’t FOMO if you aren’t flying to Italy—or anywhere else—this December, because L’Arte Pizza & Focaccia has come up with their very own version of what’s said to be the world’s best sandwich.

In case you were wondering what the world’s best sandwich is, it’s found at All’Antico Vinaio in Florence, Italy, and has been around since the 1960s. Prepared with schiacciata, a Tuscan flatbread that’s not to be mistaken with focaccia, the sandwiches at All’Antico Vinaio have reached something of a legendary status, with hour-long queues at their four shops—located on the same street.

At L’Arte Pizza & Focaccia, their new sandwiches come in four variations: Focaccia Bufala ($18+), Focaccia Salami ($19+), Focaccia Mortadella ($20+), and Focaccia Tartufata ($22+).

Similar to their signature pizzas, the focaccia that forms the base of these sandwiches are fully made in-house, with Italian flour that’s exclusively imported for them.

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