Kylie Minogue says having young fans is 'alarming and exciting' after Padam Padam becomes TikTok hit

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PARIS –  A viral TikTok hit this summer means Kylie Minogue has added another cohort to her multi-generational fan base – many of them so young they have never heard the songs that made her a star.

Padam Padam, the first single from the new album Tension, which will be released on Friday, has put Minogue back on dance floors around the world more than 35 years after she first broke out.

It has also seen youngsters around the world recreating the dance routine from the video on TikTok – a new experience for the Australian singer.

“To have this new generation loving it – they’re so open-minded and accepting of me at my age – it gives me more energy,” the 55-year-old told AFP during a visit to Paris.

“It’s funny because I see people who have discovered me through Padam and they’ve never heard of Locomotion or Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, which is alarming but also exciting,” she said.

Minogue was just 19 when she released Locomotion in 1987, transforming her from daytime soap actress on Australian television series Neighbours to international pop star.

Her place was confirmed with follow-up single I Should Be So Lucky that propelled her 1988 debut album Kylie to more than five million sales.

That was just the start. Her record company says she has sold more than 80 million records and had more than five billion streams across her career.

The title Padam Padam had many in France wondering if Minogue was covering the famous 1951 song of the same name by French singer Edith Piaf but she admits the similarities start and end with the name.

“A lot of crazy things have happened to me in my life and that’s another one – being linked in the same sentence as Edith Piaf,” Minogue said with a laugh.

“I did wonder if the French would be ‘d’accord’,” she added, using the French word for “okay”.

Minogue was able to judge the warm reception in France at a listening party for the new album at a Paris club last week.

Lucky attendees were surprised to se...

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