Kurohanabi Review: New Wagyu Innards Hotpot And Okonomiyaki Restaurant In Suntec City

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Kurohanabi has wagyu innards hotpot in Suntec City

Image credit: @kurohanabi.sg

Many Singaporeans are no strangers to innards in their food—kway chap, pig’s organ soup and more all make use of entrails. Most of these, however, feature innards from a pig. Kurohanabi, a Japanese restaurant in Suntec City, specialises in hotpot with Wagyu innards as its central ingredient.

Originally a popular restaurant in Hokkaido, Kurohanabi recently opened in Singapore and is already turning heads.

I’ve never had beef entrails before, so I jumped at the chance to review the restaurant. What I found was a fascinating restaurant that went far beyond just hotpot.

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