KTM Shuttle Guide In 2022: SG To JB In Just 5 Minutes If You Want To Siam The Causeway Jam

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KTM Shuttle Tebrau

With an abundance of dining and retail options, Johor Bahru is every bargain hunter’s paradise. The destination itself makes for a pleasant temporary getaway but the journey? Not so much. Which is why the return of Malaysia’s KTM railway service from 19th June 2022 onwards is a true godsend.

Introduced in July 2015, KTM’s Shuttle Tebrau ferries up to 320 passengers between Woodlands and JB in 5 minutes flat. Here’s the lowdown so you can start flocking across the border with your friends and family too. Seriously, it’s too easy not to.

For things to in JB on your next visit:

Getting to Woodlands CIQ

Shuttle Tebrau operates between Woodlands Train Checkpoint in Singapore and Johor Bahru Sentral in Malaysia.

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