Jurong GRC MPs Cross Zebra Crossing In National Day Banner, Subtle Nod To The Beatles

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Jurong GRC MPs Posing On Zebra Crossing Resemble The Beatles’ Abbey Road Album Cover

Whenever the month of August swings around, National Day banners become a standard feature in many neighbourhoods, displaying the Singapore flag colours and other patriotic designs.

But in Jurong GRC, the Members of Parliament (MPs) have been known to take creative approaches to their banners.

This year is no different, with the banner showing all five MPs along a zebra crossing in Jurong, as though they were in the midst of crossing the road.

Older folks and music fans would have found the pose familiar, especially if you’ve heard of the British band The Beatles. More specifically, the banner looks a lot like their iconic Abbey Road album cover, which many netizens have pointed out.

Jurong GRC MPs pose in ascending height along zebra crossing

As our nation’s 57th birthday draws closer, some folks in Jurong have spotted a unique poster marking the occasion in their neighbourhood.

Featuring all five Jurong MPs, the banner showed them seemingly walking along a zebra crossing in Taman Jurong Estate.

Netizens couldn’t help but notice that they were standing in ascending order of height, with Senior Minister Tharman at the back and Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Law Rahayu Mahzam in front.

Turns out, MP Xie Yao Quan had given us behind-the...

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