Jtown Cafe Review: Spicy Indonesian Street Food In Somerset—Legit Bakmie, Nasi Ayam And More

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Jtown Cafe in Somerset

If I have to be honest, Indonesian food is not a cuisine that I’m particularly familiar with. My love for it is mostly limited to ayam bakar, gado gado, and satay. So when I was introduced to Jtown Cafe in Somerset, I decided that it was time to broaden my horizons.

The “J” in Jtown Cafe is short for Jakarta, and not Japan, as one might guess if you’re looking at the name. Serving bakmie and other Indonesian street food, Jtown Cafe has been where it stands for the last 13 years. 

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Food at Jtown Cafe

There’s a sizeable selection of noodles, rice, and side dishes here at Jtown Cafe. Each item on the menu is labelled with a chilli icon to denote its spiciness—ranging from zero to three chillis. Do not take the warnings lightly, but more on that later. 

I usually order my meals with chilli, so I decided to try all three levels of spiciness for the sake of this review. I started my lunch...

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