JTC to raise solar power capacity of Jurong Island by eight-fold

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SINGAPORE - JTC will increase the potential for Jurong Island to harvest energy from the sun by eight-fold with the launch of a tender to install solar panels on 60ha of temporary vacant land and more rooftops at the oil hub.

These plans will boost total solar energy capacity at Jurong Island from 12.3 megawatt peak (MWp) to 103.2 Mwp, or the equivalent of powering 24,300 four-room HDB flats annually, JTC said in a statement on Wednesday.

Under the tender, solar panels will be installed on interim vacant land – the size of about 84 football fields – and the rooftops of five buildings on Jurong Island, including the Jurong Rock Caverns and Jurong Island Checkpoint.

This comes as part of efforts to transform Jurong Island into a sustainable energy and chemicals park.

When completed, solar panels on Jurong Island will cover about 5 per cent of Singapore’s solar target for 2030, by which time the Republic aims to have installed solar capacity of 2 gigawatt-peak (GWp), a key pillar for the nation’s transition away from global-warming fossil fuels.

Solar energy has been marked as the most viable energy-renewable resource for Singapore, which has low wind speeds and large ports that limit the potential to harness tidal energy.

To overcome Singapore’s limited land for large solar farms, JTC has been working to install panels in estates with more than 14,000 businesses through its SolarRoof and SolarLand programmes to tap rooftops and temporary vacant industrial land space for solar power generation.

Said JTC’s chief sustainability officer Tan Chee Kiat: “With this new initiative, Jurong Island will be one of Singapore’s largest solar-generating esta...

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