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John Riccitiello is excited about AI enough to sit down with’s Joost van Dreunen and chat about it at the GamesBeat Summit. Riccitiello’s history of accurate bets on technology is enough to make you want to pay attention.

“I remember the last time I was super excited about the future when a technology had hit,” said Riccitiello. “That was the internet. I thought the internet was going to be a really big thing. Right now, I will tell you I am very excited about AI.”

Riccitiello, during his time at Electronic Arts, was confident the Dreamcast didn’t have legs. He was right. More recently, he didn’t see the bright future in things like Web3, blockchain or the Metaverse others were painting. According to him, he could see the individual parts but didn’t believe they fit together quite right to lead towards any kind of industry sea change.

“This doesn’t make me incredibly smart,” said Riccitiello. “It makes me a student of history. I could see the ingredients weren’t there.”


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