Job hunting: Microsoft leads the way with pay transparency

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Did you know that only around 12% of job postings advertised online in the U.S. include salary ranges? New laws look set to change that, which is positive for those making a career move: the lack of compensation transparency in negotiation can often make candidates feel like they’ve been low-balled at best, and duped at worst. It’s not uncommon for employees to discover that once they’ve started a new job that they are being paid less than others at the same level, who are doing the same work.

The gender gap in negotiation can come into play too. Women in the United States earned 83% of men’s median annual earnings in 2021, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

There are signs that the dial is turning. From the point of view of someone looking for a new job, having the salary scale available really helps to streamline the process. On June 8th, Microsoft announced in a blog post that it would be rolling out four new employee workforce initiatives, one of which is adding salary ranges in all of its internal and external job postings across the U.S., beginning no later than January 2023.

Elsewhere, firms are rolling out other initiatives to attract and retain talent. Amazon announced that it would double its base pay limit for corporate employees to $350,000 in acknowledgement of the current “particularly competitive labor market.” Walmart is also looking to attract talent, particularly new graduates: a pilot program aimed at the sector aims to track this cohort into store manager roles on salaries of up to $210,000.

That’s all positive stuff for job hunters, so if you’re ready to look for a new job now, we have three below to check out. And you can check out the VentureBeat Job Board for plenty more.

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