Jia Dong Shu Shi – Underrated, Tasty $1.80 Popiah Tucked Away in Dunman Food Centre!

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Posted on September 23rd, 2022

Okay, popiah might not be the prettiest dish but it’s certainly one of Singapore’s most popular simple pleasures to snack on. And there’s a fairly underrated stall tucked away in Dunman Food Centre that solely sells popiah, and at just $1.80 a roll, all made fresh to order! 

Going by the name of Jia Dong Shu Shi, the stall has quite a long history, as can be seen by the various black-and-white photo clippings decorating the stall, as well as the owner’s own collection of photographs. One of the black-and-white clippings pictures the old Palace Theatre that was once located along East Coast Road, where Jia Dong Shu Shi first started out as a cart back in the day. 

The thin, slightly chewy popiah skin was tightly rolled, and well-packed with a myriad of ingredients. It was amazingly flavourful and you can clearly taste the sweetness and slight heat from the mixed sauces that were smeared on the inside of the p...

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