Jeong’s Jjajang Review: Legit Jjajangmyeon And Tangsuyuk Under $10 In Bukit Merah

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Jeong’s Jjajang has affordable Korean food in Bukit Merah

Whenever I’m back in my home country Korea, getting a good bowl of jjajangmyeon (JJM) is no hassle at all. I can easily order it via food delivery, or simply visit an eatery near my place that sells decent and cheap jjajangmyeon. I thought it would be different in Singapore, but with eateries such as Wooga Jjajang and O.BBa Jjajang on the up and up,  you can now find affordable and legit jjajangmyeon here. So when I discovered another hidden gem, Jeong’s Jjajang, in the Bukit Merah heartlands, I had to make my way down to see if their food would sort my cravings.

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Food at Jeong’s Jjajang

Jeong’s Jjajang specialises in Korean-Chinese cuisine, which means you’ll find jjajangmyeon, jjamppong, and tangsuyuk AKA sweet and sour pork on the menu. The stall is owned by a Korean native, so my expectation was naturally raised prior to trying their food.

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