Jeju taps Indonesian influencer as new ambassador to boost tourism

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Jun 22, 2024, 10:58 AM


Jun 22, 2024, 10:58 AM

SEOUL - Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is set to expand its reach into the South-east Asian tourism market by appointing a popular Indonesian influencer as its new promotional ambassador.

Jeju’s provincial government said on June 21 it officially designated Anang Hermansyah, an Indonesian influencer with 6.56 million YouTube subscribers and 2.58 million Facebook followers, as its promotional ambassador.

On the day, Governor Oh Young-hun met with Anang Hermansyah and his wife Ashanty Ash, along with their family at the Jeju Provincial Government Office. During the meeting, he presented them with the ambassador appointment certificate and commemorative gifts.

Anang Hermansyah is a prominent Indonesian singer and producer, while Ashanty Ash is a renowned singer and influencer with 34 million Instagram followers.

The couple is known for creating music-related content and videos showcasing their visits to tourist destinations around the world, highlighting diverse food cultures and unique local traditions.

Mr Oh expressed his hopes that Anang and his family would continue to promote various aspects of Jeju and encourage more Indonesians to visit the island. During their stay, Anang’s family subscribed to Jeju’s YouTube channel “Shining Jeju TV” and followed its Instagram account.

The family is spending two days in Jeju, from June 21 to June 22. Their itinerary includes visits to Muslim-friendly restaurants, traditional Jeju cuisine spots and cultural experiences like Jeju Haenyeo (female divers) culture, which they will feature in their content. THE KOREA HERALD/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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