JCube Nail Salon Shuts Down Without Notice, Leaving Customers With Packages In The Lurch

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Nail Salon Beauty Nails Spa In JCube Closes Without Informing Customers

A nail salon at the JCube shopping mall in Jurong has shut down without notice. This has left its customers in the lurch, with thousands of dollars’ worth of packages unaccounted for.

This comes after news of the mall’s upcoming closure in August to give way for residential development.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the salon in question is Beauty Nails Spa, located at Level 2 of JCube.

This came to the shock of many customers who have pre-paid packages with the salon.

It was reported that one customer had about S$3,000 in their package with the business. They are now unable to get it back as the salon has been uncontactable since the closure.

JCube nail salon customers only found out about closure when they visited shop

One affected customer Shin Min spoke to was Ms Su (transliterated from Chinese), a 35-year-old public relations officer. She has been a customer of the JCube nail salon since 2019.

Ms Su told Shin Min she tried calling the salon last month to book an appointment. However, no one answered the phone.

After a while of being unable to reach the salon, she decided to pay the shop a visit on 1 Mar. To her horror, Ms Su discovered that it had ceased operations.

The shop had been sealed off, and even the signboard of the salon had been taken down.

“I did not receive any notification about the closure, and I still have a few hundred dollars remaining in my package with them,” Ms Su said. “I have been trying to contact them,  but to no avail.”

A group of customers had over S$4,000 with JCube nail salon packages

Ms Su then asked around on social media, looking for people with similar experiences. She found seven other customers also left in the dark about the closure.

The eight of them had a total of about S$4,000 worth of packages with the salon.

One of them only recently put in S$540 for a package on 16 Jan.

“We have already lodged a police report and intend to pursue this with the Small Claims Tribunal.”

CASE received 17 complaints against the business

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) revealed that ...

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