Japan Pet Fish Exposes Owner’s Credit Card Details When Controlling Nintendo Switch, Goes Shopping On Livestream

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Japanese Man’s Pet Fish Controls Nintendo Switch To Shop Online

A fish using a Nintendo Switch to rack up a credit card bill might seem like something out of a lucid dream – but it is, in fact, real.

Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru’s pet fishes play video games in regular livestreams, and they have amassed quite a following as well.

Unfortunately, one such livestream went sideways when his fish ended up using the console to expose his credit card details and go shopping.

The incident occurred earlier this month and was reposted to YouTube on 16 Jan. It has also grown viral on Twitter.

Japanese man installs software in fish tank

According to CNN, Mutekimaru’s fish tanks contain a sophisticated motion detection tracking software. This enables his fish to control a Nintendo Switch remotely with ease.

Unfortunately, the technology turned against him in a series of events no one could have predicted.

During a livestream of a game of Pokémon, a system error caused it to crash, and the console returned to the home screen.

Mutekimaru took the chance to step away for a break.

Japanese ...

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