Jalan Besar hotel guest disagrees that bed bug incident was 'isolated' case, hotel doubles down

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A woman who stayed at a hotel in Jalan Besar and was bitten by bed bugs was angered and aghast by the hotel's response after the latter pointed out that the guests themselves could have been the carrier of the insects.

Phia Boo had stayed at ST Signature, a co-living hotel at Jalan Besar, with a friend after travelling to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The pair were covered in bed bug bites after staying there for two nights, and later posted a complaint about their experience on Facebook on Jun. 18.

What happened

Hotel staff offered to upgrade them to a larger room after Boo informed them of the bites. However, they found another bed bug on the bed of the second room.

The welts on Boo's friend also spread and worsened.

ST Signature confirmed that they had offered complimentary laundry services once Boo complained about the bed bug bites.

They also shared that they conduct weekly pest control service or maintenance, and claimed that they have a strict protocol in place for when such incidents occur.

Apparently felt itchy after lying on bed

ST Signature told Mothership in a statement on Jun. 28 that this incident was an "isolated report from [a] guest", and said that thus far, no other bed bug activity has been observed on the premises.

Upon inspecting the affected rooms, their pest control vendor only found "a couple of" adult bed bugs and no eggs.

As such, the hotel believes that the bed bugs were "very likely" brought in with Boo's luggage prior to the incident.

Speaking to Mothership on Jun. 29, Boo said that she was "very disappointed" that the hotel blamed their guests, and accused them of lying.

Boo and her friend, both of whom are Malaysian, had made the trip here to meet some former colleagues and friends. They had driven to Johor Bahru, and then took a shuttle bus into Singapore.

As the pair had just quit their jobs and were trying to be thrifty about their spending, they had chosen a "budget" hotel, she said.

Boo also shared that she apparently immediately felt itchy right after lying on the bed in the room they booked.

Although she had trouble sleeping, her friend "slept like a log", which she speculated was why her bites turned out to be more numerou...

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